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our new address is 1246 Yellowstone Ave A-1

Oakwood Plaza

Our Goal is to be a Caregiver's dream come true.


Calming Rivers is the first Adult Day Care in Pocatello and we are now accepting new clients. In our beautiful facility we care for your loved ones during the day while you do the things that you need to do such as work, clean, run errands, or just relax. This allows you the comfort of having your loved ones cared for when you need extra help. Our mission is to be a support system for caregivers and a sanctuary for clients that need supervision. 

Calming Rivers is owned and operated by health care professionals that understand the needs that many face as they care for loved ones in their own homes. We have operated home health and in-home care for years and wanted to offer another alternative to caregivers. 

Adult day cares are not new and they can be an incredible resource. We have witnessed families and significant others struggle with what to do when they need a break or have to run errands and their loved one is home alone. They need a safe place that offers activities, food, and supervision. 

Calming Rivers wants to be the solution that you need.  


Calming Rivers Adult Day Care:

  • Supervision

  • Activities such as games, puzzles, crafts,

  • Exercise class

  • Nutrition needs

  • Medication assistance

  • Quiet time with private rooms

  • TV

  • Socialization

  • Vitals are monitored daily

COVID-19 Response:

As we navigate these unpredictable times, we want to do everything in our power to keep you and your loved ones safe.

  • Daily screening will be done for both clients and staff.

  • Cleaning and sanitizing will be done regularly to ensure disinfected surfaces.

  • Health protocols will be followed at all times. 



We understand that sometime you need a break. It's ok to ask for help


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