Calming Rivers  Adult Day Care

About Calming Rivers


Calming Rivers was started by three individuals that have spent years in various health care professions.


Karla Jensen started and ran PCS Helping Hands and Helping Hands Home Health for over 23 years. Through her years of business and caring for others she has learned that our older adults are in need of cares in various aspects of their lives. And now as she cares for her mother in her own home she feels that there can and should be more resources in Pocatello for caregivers. Caring for a loved one is stressful at times and when you feel like you are alone in the process you get overwhelmed. Karla's dream is to create a place where your loved one can get out of the house, interact with other people, and keep their spirits high while also helping the caregiver by providing a much needed break.

Denise Dustin has been in administration for many years and has a tender heart when it comes to caregivers. She is a caregiver herself and understands the stress that families can go through when finding the right solution. Denise has been in health care for over 15 years and is currently the PCS Coordinator for PCS Helping Hands. She wears many hats as a mother, caregiver and professional.


Amy Wolfe has been a PTA for over 15 years and has worked in many different types of health care from hospitals to skilled nursing to home health. She has been on the front line of care for patients and families. Amy has witnessed families' frustrations as they struggle with finding the right solution for their situation.

All three woman have seen how caregivers do all they can to help their loved one and yet, at times, they need more help themselves. We offer a solution when it is needed. We offer a safe place to take their loved one during the day to allow the caregiver a chance to rest or work without worry. Our ultimate goal is to be a trusted resource. If you are not able to have the client come to our facility then we also offer in home care through our PCS Helping Hands services. Call us today.