Adult Supervision

We Provide Caring Adult Supervision

Calming Rivers Adult Day Care provides adult supervision to give primary caregivers respite during the day for occasional activities or on a regular schedule. This service is ideal for people who work and need a reliable, skilled caregiver to provide fun activities and mandatory health services for aging adults. We are committed to ensuring that each client has the opportunity to engage in social activities and get the best health care options around. To learn more about these incredible services for seniors in the Pocatello, ID area, please visit the website. There is also contact information for those who want to get more details or even answers to questions. When caregivers need a professional, caring facility to give respite services, they can count on Calming Rivers Adult Day Care to provide the right type of assistance.

Anyone who is interested in adult care packages in Pocatello, ID, should call to find out more about Calming Rivers Adult Day Care. We are a local facility with experienced staff who know how to provide the necessary services for elderly adults who need supervision while the primary caregiver is away. Respite services are important for those who care for their elderly loved ones to allow them to participate in other activities or even work. Our facility is fully equipped and prepared to care for loved ones and give them the activity options and healthcare attention they require. To learn more about the packages we currently offer, please visit the website. There is also background information posted about the owners and a list of activities and amenities we provide for our clients. We want to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for senior adults who need a helping hand from a caring staff ready to provide a complete range of services designed to engage and support daily care needs.