​When you pre-register the first day is always free!

Services and Pricing

Registration is required before starting at the Adult Day Care. We have to perform an intake process to make sure that we are the best place for you and your loved one. 

                Package 1


           Hourly Rate: no set



             $15.00 an hour

           payment due when 

            services rendered

                Package 2

           Part time up to 32 

              hours a week


        rate of $100.00 a day


        $12.50 an hour when

       utilizing over 10 hours

        a week with a regular


                Package 3

             Full time up to 40

               hours a week       


         rate of $80.00 a day


         $10.00 an hour when 

      utilizing over 32 hours a


Earn a fee day
  every month
   on this plan

Package 2 & 3 may be billed monthly, or for further discounts you can may pay for the month in advance and receive 10% off. Ask us about it

PRT can give FREE rides to seniors!!

PRT, Pocatello Rural Transit, does provide Free rides to seniors. You can contact AAA at 208-233-4032  for more information or our office 208-648-4847. The service is called "door to door".

Call us today at 1-208-648-4847

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