Support For The Elderly In Pocatello, ID

Find Compassionate Support for the Elderly in Pocatello, ID

Caregivers who need to find adult daycare and health care services in the Pocatello, ID area can count on Calming Rivers Adult Day Care to provide excellent services for their loved ones while they are away. Whether it is for a few hours or full-time during the week, we have options designed to ease the burden on caregivers and allow them to take part in daily activities or even work while providing the best care for their loved ones. We know how important it is to have reliable, caring resources to assist when caring for an aging adult with special requirements or needs and close supervision. Our clients can participate in group activities and even exercise at our facility to help them maintain mobility while benefiting from being in a social environment. Reach out to us today to determine how to enroll and discover the range of options we offer.

Those individuals who need support for the elderly in Pocatello, ID, should take some time to check out the options we provide at Calming Rivers Adult Day Care. We are a professional team of caregivers devoted to providing the best possible care for loved ones while their primary caregiver is away. Whether it is the need for respite services for a few hours or on a weekly full-time schedule, we are here to help. We treat each client like family and strive to ensure they enjoy the time they spend with us here at our daycare. They have the chance to socialize with other individuals while enjoying group activities to keep them entertained and healthy. Take some time to check out the website to learn more or send us a message for more details or to get answers to questions.